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Kolattam, derived from Kol (Pair of small sticks), and Attam (Play) is the name of a charming Tamil dance practiced by groups of young girls. A festival connected with this art has both a cultural and religious significance. It is a rural art usually performed during village festivals. It is a combination of rhythmic movements, songs, and music. The Kolattam group comprises dancers ranging from 8 to 40 who are grouped in pairs. The sticks provide the main rhythm. The dancers are led by a leader and move about in two circles. The inner circle receives the strikes on their sticks from the artists in the outer circle that delivers them.

Model Name

 Kollattam Sticks (2 nos)


 12 * 3 inches.

 Sales Package

 2 No’s of Attractive wooden Kollattam Sticks

 Country of Manufacture   


 Number of Players

 Team Play.